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Ipan Ipan SAS is a simplified joint stock company of € 100,000 having its registered office address at :

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Publication director: Mr. Franck Gaheneau, CEO


These websites (https://www.ipanipan.com), and subdomains (http://*.ipanipan.com) are hosted by the french company GANDI SAS.

GANDI SAS, a simplified joint stock company with capital of € 300,000 having its registered office at

63-65 boulevard Massena Paris (75013) FRANCE +
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Ipan Ipan commits to do not divulge to thirds informations that internet user talk. These are confidentials and will be used only for service needs. The website meet the regulation regarding the computer, the files and the liberty as the law number 78-17, modificated. The internet user has access, modification, correction and abolition rights with regard to his privates data in accordance with the french law. This rights can be exercise to:

Ipan Ipan SAS +
Chateau Bersol +
Bat 5 +
218-228 avenu Haut Levêque +
33600 PESSAC, FR +
E-mail: contact@ipanipan.com +
RCS: B 530 264 332 +
APE/NAF: 7112 B +
VAT no: FR 89 530 264 332

These websites (https://www.ipanipan.com), and subdomains (http://*.ipanipan.com) might include links toward partners websites or thirds. Because Ipan Ipan has no means to control this websites, none guarantee is offered to respect the law and the current regulation.

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Ipan Ipan reserve the right to modify, without notice, this general conditions of use.