Certifié par le Wireless Power Consortium



Worldwide standard for wireless energy transmission

Created in 2008 by the Wireless Power Consortium, the Qi standard (pronounced “Chee”) is a global standard for wireless energy transmission. It is mainly used today to charge smartphones, wireless headsets and connected watches.

What is the Wireless Power Consortium ?

Since 2008, the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) has been an open and collaborative collective industry dedicated to setting a global standard in wireless energy transfer.

Today, more than 650 companies are members of the WPC and have adopted the Qi standard for their products.  Most of manufacturers from the mobile technology industry such as Apple, Google, Samsung, Huaway and Xiaomi have chosen the Qi standard for their products that integrate wireless charging technology.

IPAN IPAN is proud to be part of the Wireless Power Consortium since 2010 and to offer Qi-certified products to guarantee quality and safety to its customers. You can consult the complete list of manufacturers involved on the official WPC website.




Safety guarantee for consumer

The WPC has focused the development of the Qi standard on safety. Several security protocols have been implemented :

Foreign object detection (FOD) is used to put the charging system into standby mode when a metal object is present on charging station. Without Qi certification, the foreign metal object in the magnetic field can quickly heat up and cause burns.

Battery is also a sensitive element. The Qi standard ensures proper management of electrical flows. With Qi-certified product, there is no risk of overvoltage or short-circuit.

Therefore, the Qi standard guarantee maximum safety for the user, while preserving the integrity of the loading device.

Sustainable products over time

The Qi standard guarantees compatibility between certified devices. But what about tomorrow’s products?

The Qi standard also allows backwards compatibility between certified products. This means that charging stations certified to the Qi standard today will always be compatible with the tomorrow’s devices.

This ensures that you don’t have to change your equipment with the release of smartphones and other mobile devices’ new generation.

How to know if a product is Qi-certified ?

Only Qi-certified products that have successfully passed certification tests can put the official Qi logo on their packaging. If you have any doubts, you can check the information directly in the database of Qi certified products on Wireless Power Consortium website.




The Wireless Power Consortium is working to create a 100% wireless world. To this end, it is setting new standards to expand the possibilities of using wireless technology in daily life. With ever-increasing charging powers, these new standards will allow devices with higher charging capacities to be charged wirelessly in the future.


Wireless Power Consortium has recently introduced brand new standard called Medium-Power to adapt wireless charging technology to other devices such as laptops, electric tools like drills, autonomous vacuums and electric bicycles.

Ki Cordless Kitchen

Like Medium Power, the Ki Cordless Kitchen standard opens up the application possibilities of wireless charging technology in the kitchen. This standard is intended to allow the power supply of the different kitchen appliances without any cables.

In the future, Ki-certified wireless station will be able to power all kitchen appliances, while being compatible with stoves and other utensils used for induction cooking.


Wireless charging by induction is not only a convenience gain for users.

Indeed, the evolution of this technology will allow tomorrow to exchange information between charging stations and recharged devices. These smart charging stations will improve the interaction between the company and its customers.

IPAN IPAN is actively working to offer smart and connected wireless charging solutions to its customers as of tomorrow.