Qi standard

Certifié par le Wireless Power Consortium

What is Qi ?

A global standard for wireless power transmission

Founded in 2008 by the Wireless Power Consortium, Qi (pronounced “Chee”) is a technology that relies on wireless power transmission. Limited to a range of 40mm, the Qi standard can currently provide power ranging from 5 to 15 Watts to compatible electronic devices. One of these main uses is phone charging.

Block by IPAN IPAN is a Qi standard certified wireless charger that has been designed to provide fast charging modes 7.5W (Apple), 10W (Samsung) and standard 5W charging for all other devices compatible with wireless charging.

How the Qi wireless technology works ?

Qi technology works in a simple way : a magnetic field is generated between the charger (transmitter) and the mobile support benefiting from the transmission of energy (receiver). This magnetic induction charging process is 100% secure for the consumer. Compatibility between the different Qi devices is made possible by the use of the same electromagnetic frequency.

A safety check for the consumer

The Qi standard includes a number of safety precautions for the consumer, checking for example (in the certification process) that products do not reach high temperatures by exchanging energy (causing up to a third-degree burns).

The Wireless Power Consortium

Since 2008, Wireless Power Consortium is an open and collaborative industrial collective based on the Qi standard, which aims to set a global standard for wireless energy transfer. Today, more than 650 companies are participating in its development, including the biggest names in the mobile technology industry such as Apple, Google, Samsung, Lenovo, LG, Sony and Xiaomi.

IPAN IPAN is proud to be an active member of Wireless Power Consortium. You can consult the complete list of economic actors engaged on the WPC official website.

IPAN IPAN and Qi certification

IPAN IPAN Wireless charging integrated TX module is Qi certified by the Wireless Power Consortium, guaranteeing full compatibility with the Qi standard.

How to know if a product is Qi-certified ?

Certified Qi products that have successfully passed the compatibility tests can highlight the official Qi logo on their packaging. If you are no sure, you can check directly into the Qi certified products database on the Wireless Power Consortium website.

Is my mobile phone Qi-compatible ?

Qi technology has became a standard for mobile manufacturers around the globe. There are hundreds of available Qi-certified phones compatibles with Qi wireless charging technology. For older mobile phones models (that are not Qi enabled), there are protective covers and Qi-certified sleeves you can purchase in supermarkets or at your usual retailer.